The Mission

This Forum was created to establish a knowledge base where XP2 credit unions can freely collaborate and exchange ideas that promote growth, improve efficiencies and develop best practices.

The Story

This Community was founded on the credit union philosophy of “People Helping People.” The philosophy of this site will be “Credit Unions helping Credit Unions.” The idea is to foster collaboration and create a voice for XP2 Core Processing Users. 

With this voice, XP2 expertise will grow and expand to all credit unions utilizing the system. Making XP2 an even more powerful tool for the credit unions operating it.

It is important that users of this Forum operate with honesty and integrity at all times.  The information is intended for the XP2 core processing community only and should not be used for any purposes other than to help XP2 core clients.  This Forum should not be used to bash any individual, organization, or entity.   Our CUSO has provided core services for over 30 years and understands how challenging it can be to maintain and support a premium platform. Our goal is to enhance our experience with XP2.

XP2 runs deep with functionality, has a modern system architecture and an open platform.  Let’s work together and make XP2 the best core system on the market by providing each other with information we need to make each user experience great.